Whether we're building businesses or careers, talking about our work isn't easy. Save the sweat with insider tools and tips. 


Want to attract opportunities for your business or career? Make it easier to package and share your work with these free guides. 


Tell a memorable career story

8 simple tips for writing LinkedIn profiles and resumes that set you apart from other candidates

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Save time brainstorming

25 topic ideas for bloggers, podcasters, and speakers who don’t know where to start

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Become a mic-drop presenter

How to put together a presentation your audience will love, a 12-step checklist

Liz Navarro + Co

Are you ready to breathe life into your ideas and put them in front of the people who need to hear them? I can help with that.


What do you need?  Public speaking help? Copywriting that sells? Communications strategy and coaching? A *super-cool* lunch date?


I'm here to help you elevate, amplify, and share your ideas so that they stick to the right people.

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Watch the TEDx talk

This whole thing started with a few side hustles and a microphone.

Millennial women are dominating the side hustle: Here's why it matters.