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**Note: This ebook bundles other digital products including the Write Your Brand Story Worksheet, the Develop a Consist Voice Brand Guidelines, and three additional copywriting tools.**


Everything Your Need to Write About Your Business


Five copywriting and messaging tools to help businesses share their visions, connect to their customers, and differentiate themselves on every platform. 




Let’s face it. Writing about our work is hard to do. Writing effectively about our work is even harder. Even if you’re in a position to hire an external copywriter or a team of marketing pros, it’s important that your organization has established solid core messaging, a consistent brand voice, and a cohesive story to share with future customers. 


But where do you start? How do you share your business’s vision? Do you use an Oxford comma or not? 


That’s where this ebook comes in. It's written as a bundle to include five separate tools I use to write copy for companies and organizations. 


With one download and a few guided exercises, you walk away with a fully developed brand narrative. You’ll have a five-part elevator pitch for your business, a consistent brand guide to develop one company voice, and messaging you can repurpose on every platform: your website, social profiles, marketing material, post captions, bio, or out loud at networking events. 


Format: Downloadable ebook with worksheets, strategies, and resources


What’s included: 


  • An exercise to develop the core components of your messaging

  • The Develop a Consistent Vocie Brand Guidelines worksheet 

  • The Write Your Brand Story worksheet, to create a five-part elevator pitch for your business

  • From Cliche to Touche! A list of replacement words and phrases for business jargon

  • 30 calls-to-action to incorporate in your copy

Everything You Need to Write About Your Business

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