Write Your Brand Story


Create an elevator pitch for your business. Use this worksheet to pitch your business, close a sale, or talk about what you do. 


This step-by-step, three-part worksheet walks you through creating a powerful narrative for your business. It's the perfect starting point for entrepreneurs who are defining who they are, organizations who have grown or evolved, or businesses trying to reach a larger audience. 


In three simple steps, you'll define your audience and how you serve them and turn that content into a cohesive elevator pitch you can repurpose on your website, in presentations, or on your social platforms. 


Product type: Downloadable PDF


What's included: 


- A brainstorm exercise to hone in on your audience, values, differentiators, and benefits. 

- How to write a one-sentence elevator pitch

- Writing your brand story, step-by-step


**Note: This product is one of five copywriting tools included in the Everything You Need to Write About Your Business Workbook.**

Write Your Brand Story


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