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The Fearless Woman Podcast Feature

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

In an episode called Finding Your Voice with Liz Navarro, I had the honor of having a conversation with Amanda Smith, the host The Fearless Woman Podcast.

I've gotten to know Amanda through her work in the Dallas Girl Gang and The Fearless Conference. She's one of those people whose talent is creating connections. She's easy to get to know and generous in finding ways to put like-minded people in the same room to collaborate. A couple of weeks ago, she also gave me the chance to speak at a Boss Babe Happy Hour for the Dallas Girl Gang, and our conversation covered a lot of similar topics as our podcast episode did.

I'm happy to get to share our conversation. Here's what the episode covers:

  • The series of pivots that have led me to my current career writing, teaching, and creating content

  • Why I believe it's important to give ourselves permission to pursue the interests we naturally gravitate toward--even the ones that feel random--early in our careers, and how those diversions seem to help us down the road

  • Rebuilding a career and a network as a new mom and a new city

  • The fact that work/life balance doesn't really exist, and it's probably not what we should be striving for

  • Two common struggles I help my clients with: how to best articulate what they do, and how to grow their audiences and networks

  • The importance of experimenting--in careers, in parenting, and in marketing

  • Growing a network, collaborating with other women, and building connections

  • How there's enough audience to go 'round, but how it feels like there's always someone else already doing what we want to do

  • Abundance, scarcity, and "not enough" mindsets, and how they impact our work

  • Sometimes, it's OK to not have everything figured out

  • My go-to starting point for all communications materials. (This conversation inspired this blog post.)

Listen to the episode here, or download The Fearless Woman podcast on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app.


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