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View the Webinar: Attracting Career Opportunities through Personal Branding

I like to think of our personal brands as the "marketing tools" we use to attract career opportunities. In all the places we tell our career stories--through our digital platforms or in-person networking--we can build a personal brand that sets ourselves apart and leaves an impression. 

Last week, I taught an hour-long personal branding workshop through Southern Methodist University. For everyone who wasn't able to catch it live, I've posted the full webinar video below. The strategies work for college students seeking jobs or internships, professionals looking for new job opportunities, or anyone wanting to establish credibility or thought leadership within her own industry.

The webinar focuses on three strategies to build a strong personal brand: identifying our value propositions, telling a clear and compelling career story, and creating content that shares our work. You can use the ideas in this webinar to optimize your LinkedIn profile, bolster your resume, refine your elevator pitch, or write blog posts, articles, and presentations to showcase your best ideas. 

Powerful personal branding can serve us at every step of our career. Watch the recording for simple, actionable ways to share your experience, skills, goals, and ideas with your network. 


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