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Topic ideas for businesses, speakers, and content creators

You've really committed this time. You’re ready to write some blog posts, launch that podcast, or put together the speech that is going to grow your audience and your business. The ideas bounce around in your head as you crack open your laptop and pull up a clean, blank Google doc.


Suddenly, your mind is as empty as the paper. What happened to all those ideas? Somewhere between your brain and the keyboard, the words tangle and bottleneck like cars in rush hour traffic. All that momentum you had lurches to a screeching halt.

My friend, I’ve been in that mental traffic jam too many times. It’s the worst kind of writer’s block. You’ve got an idea you’re motivated to share or a platform you’re ready to launch. But, in the middle of all that excitement, you’re stuck.

Why is it always so hard to start?

I created a guide to help you--businesses, speakers, podcasters, and content creators--clear some lanes in your heads so you can cruise with the windows down and music blasting at 75 miles an hour down the freeway again. (Or, you can be like me, which looks more like windows up, climate control on 78 degrees, and podcast on medium volume. I like to party.)

In the free download, I've included 25 effective topic ideas to help you extract the big concept in your brain into stories, articles, resources, and steps. I’ve broken them down into five categories that start with the end in mind and serve your audience:

  • Answer a Question

  • Solve a Problem

  • Tell a Story

  • Divulge a Secret

  • Play off the Trends

You want to use your content to establish yourself as a resource, an expert, and someone your audience would want to have a glass of wine with. Each topic idea on the list allows you to showcase your ideas, build trust and connection, and inspire through content that’s clear and intentional.

Ready to put it in gear? Thank goodness; I’m just about out of traffic jam metaphors. Let’s floor it?

Ugh. That’s terrible. Forget it.

Let’s turn your blank Google Doc into a folder full of ready-to-publish content.

Ah. Much better. Happy writing! Download the free guide here.


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