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Are you ready to breathe life into your ideas and put them in front of the people who need to hear them? I can help with that.


What do you need?  Public speaking help? Copywriting that sells? Communications strategy and coaching? A *super-cool* lunch date?


I'm here to help you elevate, amplify, and share your ideas so that they stick to the right people.

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Watch the TEDx talk

This whole thing started with a few side hustles and a microphone.

Millennial women are dominating the side hustle: Here's why it matters. 

I’m sure you’re well-aware that public speaking is a powerful career activator. Confident presenters can sit in a job interview, deliver a pitch, or work the room at a networking event and attract meaningful opportunities and connections. They can walk away from highly evaluative situations knowing that they said exactly what they needed to say in the way they planned to say it. 


Luckily, this is a skill that can be practiced and developed. 


In this digital toolkit, you'll get my most actionable, biggest-bang-for-your-buck public speaking tips that professionals at any level can use to elevate their talks, speeches, and presentations.


What's included? 

  • The process I use to write and organize my content for presentations
  • The strategy I teach my students to prepare and practice more efficiently
  • Tiny tweaks you can make to your physical delivery to look and feel more confidence
  • Tips to help you create better connections with an audience and leave a lasting impression
  • Examples from a curated list of TED Talks and speeches
  • Strategies to use language, writing, and storytelling to make any type of presentation more effective
  • Resources to help you enhance your visual aid

5 Ways to Be a Better Public Speaker, Guide and Toolkit